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 Our passion at Riah Day Spa is healthy skin for life!

Are you suffering from acne and searching for real answers? Have you tried prescriptions that did 
not work? Spent tons on over the counter products that left your face red and dry, or stopped 
working after a while? Tired of going to a doctor and getting a prescription, only being seen every 
six months with no results? Considered going on Accutane, or off-label medications, but don’t want 
to risk the side effects?

With over 50 million people suffering from the physical and emotional toll of acne, we are 
dedicated to giving not just real results, but celebrating people and their skin at every part of 
their journey. No one should feel ashamed of their skin. We believe in embracing your skin—on the 
good days, flareups, and every day in-between.

Treatments and Free Acne Consultation at Riah Day Spa

Great news… Clear skin is achievable and affordable!  Your initial appointment includes a free 
30-minute consultation to evaluate your skin, discuss our Acne Stay Clear program with you, and 
answer any questions you may have. This program will help you achieve your clear skin goal. I will 
work with you together as a team and I will be your “skin coach”, where you will gain the 

•  An understanding of exactly what is happening to your skin.
•  A review of previous treatments that you have tried.
•  Knowledge of your skin type and acne type.
•  How to avoid and possibly reduce acne scarring.
•  A full skin analysis and customized treatment plan.
•  You will receive a binder of useful information regarding treatment, diet and lifestyle changes 
that will help you on your "get clear" journey.
•  Personal “skin coach” provides expert guidance throughout the process.

I will take preliminary photos and follow your progress. Home care products, diet recommendations, 
an instruction guide, and schedule will be given to you. You will receive bi-weekly professional 
facial treatment and extractions. All of this to help you get started on your road to clear skin!

Professional acne treatments will help you get rid of acne and clear your skin more quickly than 
just products alone. I will closely monitor your skin, making sure that we are forcing your skin to 
clear but not too much to cause irritation. This is a delicate balance that we work with you to 
achieve. Treatments are performed every two weeks until your skin is clear. It can take as little 
as 90 days!! After your acne is under control, I will help you maintain your home care routine.

I often recommended a maintenance acne treatment every few months just to keep your skin healthy for 

The initial consultation is free of charge. A customized treatment plan and budget friendly fees 
are reviewed with you in advance. Every face is unique, so an affordable treatment plan is 
customized to your specific needs with no up-charges. My goal is to do everything in my power to 
help you get clear and stay clear.

Lynne Pierce
                                                    L.E.T. Certified Acne Specialist                                               

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